Pedro Javier González Trio

Musician, born in Barcelona, owner of a distinctive guitar language, ranging from flamenco to a fusion of rhythms in a way that melts the modern with the traditional. Arranger, composer, musician and producer, through time has extended the radius of his artistic desire to fulfil his project by himself.

Pedro Javier Gonzalez


Winner of several awards as a flamenco guitar player, he started traveling around the musical map working with artists like Toti Soler, Joan Manuel Serrat, Angelo Branduardi, Victoria de los Angeles, El último de la fila, Maria del Mar Bonet, Alejandro Sanz and Manolo García.

His abilities as guitar player are emphasized in historical pop recordings from the 80's and 90's. Manolo García and Serrat are familiar with Pedro's artistry as arranger and musical producer.

In 1992 Pedro formed his flamenco band "Arrebato" to become a soloist in 1996 with hits like his compilations of pop-rock classics titled "Guitarra".

Making both, personal and artistic growth, he paves the way for the mix vibration with the hit "Callejón del gato", emphasizing his vocation as author of his own particular formula:

Jazz-rock, Brazilian airs, love for the South and the silence of the flamenco beat. Music for nomads that do not understand frontiers.

Pedro Javier González is a Spanish guitarist, composer and musical producer who excels at his measure and temperance when playing along with his versatility when adapting to several genres. Throughout his career he has recorded eight musical albums and has produced and collaborated with artists from the very different fields of classical, flamenco, jazz and pop-rock music.

His quality skills as a guitarist began to make him well-known in the nineties as a member of the historic Spanish band El Ultimo de la Fila, playing the Spanish and acoustic guitar for most of their albums and joining the band during the Spanish and American tours. Later, after the band broke up, Pedro Javier also collaborated with Manolo Garcia, the band leader, for the recording of the album and joined him in the promotional tours where he directed the band.

Throughout his long and varied musical career, Pedro Javier has received several awards in the flamenco guitar field and has collaborated with artists from very different styles such as Toti Soler, Victoria de los Ángeles, Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluis Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Alejandro Sanz, Paco Ortega, Monica Molina, Seguridad Social, Angelo Branduardi, Roberto Alagna o Rafael Maya. He has also performed at major festivals with artists like BB King, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Paco de Lucía, Keziah Jones, John Williams or Tomatito.

As a producer, arranger, and musical director, the works done next to Manolo Garcia and Tomasito or D’Callaos, among others, are outstanding and won him recognition for being nominated at the Spanish Music Awards for the “Best Musical Arranger” in 2004.

He has published eight albums and one DVD: three from the series Guitarra, where he adapts international pop and rock hits acoustically; Callejón del gato (1997), Árboles nuevos (2001) and Verdades ocultas y medias mentiras (2007), of own compositions; Nuevo callejón del gato (2005), where he again plays his first solo album next to Toni Terré, Javier Martín and Roger Blavia; the DVD Pedro Javier Gonzalez Trio (2007), which presents the live concert from the Vicenza Olympic Theater (Italy) and summarizes the experience of his trio formation throughout the last years; and Live (2010), a live concert with a very personal review of the most important highlights of his artistic career.

At the moment, after having toured around the world next to Toni Terré and Roger Blavia with the trio, his most steady and lasting formation, he leads his musical career onto a more personal and intimate path, far from media concerts, and recovers his professional line as a solo guitarist. This includes giving concerts with a classical-flamenco repertoire, starting a new jazz duo project with the double-bass player Horacio Fumero, founding the Transversal projects with con Raúl Rodriguez, Trilok Gurtu and Guillem Aguilar, and making his debut with the Concierto de Aranjuez in Moscow accompanied by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.



Pedro Javier González - guitar
Raúl Rodriguez - cuban tres
Guillem Aguilar - bass
Special Guest: Trilok Gurtu - percussion

A coming together of the talent and experience of accomplished musicians from different styles and disciplines. From Barcelona, Pedro Javier González's guitar leads the group with flamenco and Mediterranean airs. From Seville, Raul Rodriguez’s electric Cuban Tres forms an exquisite bridge between flamenco and latin music.

From India, the percussionist Trilok Gurtu, a European-resident Hindu, brings his wisdom of jazz and ethnic music. Hence, a transverse project of styles - flamenco, jazz, latin, world music - and also geographies - India, Italy, Barcelona, Seville and Cuba. All together this produces a great variety of sounds that will agreeably connect with all kinds of public.


Pedro Javier González - guitar
Roger Blavia - hand drums, percussion
Toni Terré - bass

Pedro Javier González comes together with the two extraordinary musicians, Roger Blavia and Toni Terré, to offer a collection of their own compositions in an elegant fusion between Spanish Flamenco, Mediterranean, World Music, Jazz and influences of Pop music.

... "Pedro Javier is a versatile guitarist, a musician with capital letters and one of the most gifted flamenco guitarists."... ~ Ramon Rodó Sellés - La Vanguardia

..."In the field of flamenco, González innovations emphasize the color ... respecting the structures."... ~ Miquel Jurado - El País

"... As the opening act for BB King is scheduled to one of our most outstanding guitarists: Pedro Javier Gonzalez ..." ~ Miquel Jurado - El País

"...Flamenco Jazz fusion recording by this excellent young guitarist, assisted by Carles Benavent and several others on bass, drums, percussion, and the occasional electric guitar. Good listening."... ~ source unknown


Pedro Javier González joins the great number of illustrious musicians who, down the years, have interpreted what has become the most performed work of Spanish music throughout the world, Joaquin Rodrigo's masterpiece, the Concierto de Aranjuez.

It is divided into three movements: an "allegro con spirito", inspired in folk dance, the famous "adagio", dialogue between the guitar and the orchestra and, finally, the "allegro gentile", which evokes the formal Court Ball.


Pedro Javier González TRANSVERSAL ft. special guest Trilok Gurtu
Pedro Javier González - guitar
Raúl Rodriguez - cuban tres.
Guillem Aguilar - bass
special guest: Trilok Gurtu - percussion
Pedro Javier González Trio
Pedro Javier González - guitar
Toni Terré - bass
Roger Blavia - drums, percussion
Pedro Javier González CONCIERTO de ARANJUEZ
Pedro Javier González - guitar


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1, 2, Baacoup
Transversal (ft. Raúl Rodriguez, Guillem Aguilar & Trilok Gurtu)
Sidi Brahim
Transversal (ft. Raúl Rodriguez, Guillem Aguilar & Trilok Gurtu)
Baile Entero
Transversal (ft. Raúl Rodriguez, Guillem Aguilar & Trilok Gurtu)


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  • "In the field of flamenco, González innovations emphasize the color ... respecting the structures."

    - Miquel Jurado - El País
  • "Pedro Javier is a versatile guitarist, a musician with capital letters and one of the most gifted flamenco guitarists. ”

    - Ramon Rodó Sellés - La Vanguardia