The Syndicate (former Joe Zawinul Syndicate)

For two decades, from 1988 to 2007 Joe 'Zawinul, one of the most important voices in Jazz performed and toured with his own band The Zawinul Syndicate.

After the death of their leader the band continued to play together calling themselves 'The Syndicate' and keeping the musical heritage of their mentor alive. Along with the Zawinul veterans a number of newcomers provide impressive example of their musical skills and brought a young, fresh and personal touch into the band.

The Syndicate


Thus it is only logical for 'The Syndicate' to issue an album of their own with the title File under Zawinul comprised of six works by the master, played in his unmistakable style but in the same time in independent interpretation that reflects the characters of the musicians.

The SYNDICATE (former the Zawinul Syndicate)
5 of the musicians performing in the band are playing on the CD "Joe Zawinul 75" that just won the World Grammy for best Jazz CD!! All the musicians except two, have been playing with Mr. Zawinul, some for more than 10 years!

It was Zawinuls wish that the band would go on, and thanks to the musicians and Joe Zawinuls manager for the past 20 years, Mrs. Risa Zincke, his music is kept alive LIVE!

This is The Zawinul project; but they all have own bands and also perform with such variety of names as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Cheb Khaled, Herbie Hancock, Dianne Reeves, Karim Ziad, Manu Dibango, Wayne Shorter- the list could go on and on...

In other words, you will be able to experience major musical capacities, all together adding their personal spices, to create a unique and magic concert!

Long live the eternal music of Mr. Joe Zawinul!


Emille Parisien or Andrej Prosorov - alto., soprano sax
Amit Chatterjee or Munir Hossn - guitar
Alioune Wade - bass, vocal
Jorge Bezerra - percussion, vocal
Jon Crancamp or Walter Sitz - drums
Thierry Eliez or Pietro de Girolamo - keyboards


March - August 2015





File Under Zawinul
They Had A Dream
File Under Zawinul
Victims Of The Groove
File Under Zawinul


The Syndicate The Syndicate
11 Nov 2013
...The Syndicate(former Joe Zawinul Syndicate) will headline the World Music day July 24 2014 in St.Petersburg at Peter & Paul Fortress venue ! [...]
File Under Zawinul - the cover "File Under Zawinul" - The Syndicate
7 Jun 2012
...enjoy brandnew superb groove audio samples from the one and only one "The Syndicate (former Joe Zawinul Syndicate)"... release title "File Under Zawinul" [...]
File Under Zawinul - the cover The Syndicate (former J.Zawinul Syndicate) - ***New Release!!! ***
19 Apr 2012
…The Syndicate new album "File Under Zawinul" will be released May 13 with concert June 2nd in Vienna... [...]



  • the syndicate revive Joe Zawinul's compositions with new and playful spirit, without forgetting the necessary respect towards their great leader

    - Soul Train
  • the saxophone plays an outstanding role in the pieces - their captivating intensity catches directly the attention of the listeners – Awesome!

    - Kulturterrorismus