Fred Wesley Generations

»The Art of the Trio«

Decades after his work with James Brown and George Clinton established him as one of the architects of funk, Fred Wesley has begun a new project that connects him to his jazz roots and to the future: Generations.

Generations is an expandable trio featuring Fred Wesley on trombone, Leonardo Corradi on the organ and French drummer Tony Match.Three musicians who initially came together to pay tribute to the soulful jazz of legendary organist Jimmy Smith, they clicked and continue grooving together.

 »House Party«

Their show combines Wesley’s talents and experience working with artists from Count Basie and Ray Charles to Lenny Kravitz and D’Angelo, Corradi’s energetic reflection of Smith and other historic jazz giants, and Match’s jazz drumming colored by unique influences including African beats and electronic sounds.

  • Fred Wesley
  • trombone, vocal
  • Leonardo Corradi
  • organ
  • Tony Match
  • drums


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