The Next Movement

The Next Movement

October 16, 2020 is release day for their self-titled album The Next Movement. After 4 Studio projects in 3 years and several tours, the trio has not only proven their high Productivity but also found their very distinctive sound. The album has more funk, and more soul, more groove and more emotions. You’ll find more drums, guitars and bass than ever before. The band is at a creative high and heading in a clear direction: Bringing back real musicianship to the overproduced pop landscape.

The album with eight full songs - one of them a classic Beatles cover in a completely new arrangement - is interweaved with short interludes in the form of seasons that are bursting with both humor and masterful craftmanship.

Explosive indie groove-funk-soul with international class made in Bern/Solothurn Switzerland.

The Next Movement:
The fourth studio project is stuffed with groove, neo-soul and neo-funk.

“What, it’s the end of the month again?“ Is the 2020 slogan of The Next Movement. Every month they put our a new single / song premiere, a story, a video to it. All of this leading to their new album showing the trio not only in top form, but also deep in the groove. The three musical heavy workers single-handedly put out their releases, hit the road for tours, reinvented themselves and brought the funk into 2020. October marks the release of the new album and the tour supporting it. Tzwo official album release parties with special guests are scheduled at legendary Mühle Hunziken and Komehl Solothurn.

The Next Movement, led by singer / drummer J.J. Flueck, joined by Pascal „P“ Kaeser on bass & synth and guitar-virtuoso Sam Siegenthaler have gone through it all. The three have worked together over a decade as in-demand musicians and rhythm section (Greis, Nicole Bernegger, William White, Steff la Cheffe, Soul Train, The James Brown Tribute Show, Manillio, Diens, Rogue State Alliance a.m.m.), with over 1000 shows under their belt.