Atlantis & Elsewhere

Tour:  November, 2022 - October, 2023
Tour Lineup
  • Dave Muscheidt
  • vocals
  • Dave Blaser
  • trumpet
  • Martin Medimorec
  • vibraphone, marimba, percussion
  • Oli Friedli
  • piano, keys
  • Stef Strittmatter
  • guitar & vocals
  • Pascal Grünenfelder
  • bass & vocals, arrangements
  • Remy Sträuli
  • drums & vocals

Booking Territories

Europe (except Germany)

Booking Agent

Peter Basler

Tour Schedule
BeginNovember, 2022
End October, 2023


Yes, It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. - For the 15th anniversary, the Swiss Rockin' Teenage Combo presents itself with a live double album from the last two tours in 2017 through Germany and Switzerland. From over 40 hours of raw material, a coherent mix between all-time Zappa favorites, own interpretations and lesser-known works from the work of the Big Z has emerged.