Soul Makossa

Tour:  December, 2023 - December, 2024
Tour Lineup
  • Manou Gallo
  • bass. vocal
  • Yannick Werther
  • guitar
  • Norman Peplow
  • keyboards
  • Pitt Cédric Huseyn
  • drums
  • Ruben Hernandez
  • trumpet
  • Gaspard Gierse
  • saxophone

Booking Territories

Spain, Portugal, UK, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Georgia, Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finnland), Japan

Booking Agent

Peter Basler

Tour Schedule
BeginDecember, 2023
End December, 2024


Singer, bass & percussion player - Manou Gallo is a brilliant band leader and musician. The stage is like her second home and there is an irresistible power and energy in her live performance. An African woman who plays the Bass like a percussion instrument is extraordinary.